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Games Disabled Kids Can Play and Love

Games Disabled Kids Can Play and Love

It’s a good idea to play games as a family together. It increases bonds, makes for shared fun and even teaches things to children. Raising a disabled child can make it hard to find just the right things to play with.

There are games that have been modified so that disabled people can play them. Some are modified with a capability switch that enables them to take a turn, roll the dice, and participate in general. A simple Google search will turn up a good variety of places that carry them.

Hi Ho Cherry-O and Connect Four are two popular games that have been modified. The first game mentioned comes with items (and capability switch jacks) for both sighted and sight-impaired players. Connect Four has the jacks and different textured game pieces, and Scrabble has been done in Braille and printed letters, both.

Disabled Kids Love Games, Too

Even checkers can be modified for people with sight impairments. Simply put something on the edge of one color of checkers so all the players can tell which game pieces are theirs.

Easy-to-see playing cards that have giant numbers and symbols on them are sold everywhere. The cards themselves are larger, too, making them easier to hold in small or challenged hands. Again, a simple Google search can net a jackpot of results for these.

Another good toy to play with are the soft, differently shaped foam pillows. With triangles, squares and cylinders to build forts with or roll and jump all over, there’s a plethora of games and make-believe potential in these! Spread them out on the floor and make up games. It’s fun for grown ups and kids.

Be creative; kids just love hanging out together, but if there’s a game to play, it might be even more fun.


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